The Signature of All Things

a passionate ode to the artist Kenneth Rexroth

The Signature of All Things expounds on the poet's legacy with captivating recitation, live music, and rare accounts of Rexroth's remarkable life by some of the most important writers, historians, and activists of our day.

DVD (all regions), 83 minutes, 1 Disc
$21.99 (Individual), $86 (Institutional)

Crew Bios

Lindsay D. Mofford (Producer, Director & Editor)

Lindsay began her career working with seminal documentary director Fredrick Wiseman. Eight movies later, Lindsay moved to Los Angeles where she has divided her time as an editor working on Hollywood blockbusters, popular television shows and acclaimed documentaries. She was the co-editor of David Zeiger's SIR, NO SIR - the suppressed story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam.
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Harlan Steinberger (Executive Producer)

Director of the independent multi-media web based company Hen House Studios. Founded in 2001, Hen House has produced and released 16 albums, four documentary films and recorded and produced over 150 bands, including some 600 songs.
Henhouse Studios   Henhouse on Facebook

May Rigler (Cinematographer)

A native of Germany, Rigler studied filmmaking the University of Arts in Berlin, earning both a B.A. and MA. She has worked as a director of photography on several documentary projects including the making of Goff in the Desert (2002), a 35mm film by Heinz Emigholz, the documentaries The Gift (2003) and Angels in the Dust (2007) by Louise Hogarth. Sir! No Sir! (2004/05) and This Is Where We Take Our Stand (2012) documentaries by David Zeiger.

Tucker (Sound Designer and Mixer, Graphics/Imaging)

An artist for over thirty years, Tucker's art forms can be loosely corralled into the four basic art groups: music, painting, film & lifestyle. He has worked professionally in Boston as a musician, San Francisco as a bohemian, and Los Angeles as a sound designer and film editor. Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease in 2005, Tucker has lost the use of his limbs, and now uses a reflective bindi on his forehead to control a complex system of computer technology. Using this technology, Tucker creates "breathtaking images of the frailty and strength of the human condition". All the graphics, and sound mixing for the Rexroth film were done this way.

Stefan Rhys (Associate Producer)

Stefan Rhys's controversial "Don't Vote" music video was selected as a finalist in The "Campaign 2008 Film Festival" and aired on CNN. He's worked on the Need For Speed video game franchise as well as the current film festival hit, "Houston, We Have A Problem" with filmmakers Nicole Torre and Eric Mofford.

L.D. Janakos (Photographer)

A fiction writer and documentary filmmaker, she is the author of the novel Oldest Show (after the abandonment) and a poetry chapbook The Letter. She has received several awards for her writing: a Bumbershoot Literary Award in Fiction, a University of Oregon Award in Fiction. Her documentary Teachers on Wheels charts the crisis community college teachers face in unjust hiring and pay practices. Her documentary on blind painter Barbara Romain is forthcoming as is her novel Plato's Screw.

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